Shawangunk Ridge

Minnewaska Visitor Center Campaign

With its extraordinary Shawangunk crags, cliffscapes, and sky lakes, Minnewaska State Park Preserve rivals America’s national parks for scenic inspiration. Historic carriage roads and footpaths thread through a rare and enchanting forest on  the ridge, making the park’s wonders accessible to everyone. 

Few places are so beloved. But there’s one thing missing at Minnewaska: a central location to welcome and guide visitors as they set out to explore the park.

Help build Minnewaska Visitor Center

Minnewaska is a place unlike anywhere else in the world. But without a spot to gather, learn and prepare, too many visitors miss out on the richness of Minnewaska’s inspiring wonders. With your help, that’s about to change.

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Give every visitor the full Minnewaska experience

For some people, a tattered trail map, windbreaker and hydration pack are all that’s needed for a Shawangunk adventure. For many more, however, the Minnewaska experience will be longer and more rewarding once the visitor center is built. Your gift will make it possible for park explorers to:

• learn about Minnewaska’s offerings, meet friends and get tips from park staff
• refresh themselves and refill water bottles
• warm up before heading back out into the park.

Your gift will tell Minnewaska's story

Minnewaska’s beauty speaks for itself. But not everyone knows its history. For millions of first-time visitors, your gift will tell the deeper Minnewaska story:

• of modern-day conservationists defending the ridge against threats
• of visionary Americans finding transcendence in nature
• of rock formations and n forests filled with wildlife and rare plants, including dwarf pitch pine.

And by helping to build learning spaces at the new visitor center, you’ll teach those who come after you that Minnewaska deserves care and nurturing … forever.

Photo Credit: Eric Krieger

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